• Robbi Chard

Working with Pluto Retrograde

Pluto was discovered only in 1930, so astrologers do not know a whole lot about him. The most notable is his size as he is only half as big as Mercury and is therefore considered a ‘dwarf planet’. It takes Pluto a little less than 250 years to orbit the Sun. Because of his late discovery, we have only managed to track him through six of the zodiac signs. Currently, he is in his seventh sign of Capricorn, where he will remain until 2024 when he moves into Aquarius.

Pluto is unlike any of the other planets when it comes to his orbiting cycle. His inclinations are a little on the wild side and from 1979 – 1999, he was closer to Earth than Neptune, making him the eighth planet from the Sun instead of the ninth. It's also uncertain as to how long it takes him to travel through a sign. So far it has ranged from eleven years in Libra, to thirty-two years in Aries.

In Roman mythology, Pluto (Hades in Greek) is the ruler of the underworld and the Souls of the dead.

He is the god of transformation and renewal – death and rebirth. Wherever you find him in your natal chart, will be an area in your life where you will experience great change.

If you have ever received a sudden flash of insight coming out of nowhere, making everything suddenly crystal clear, that is Pluto energy. But Pluto, like all things, is a double-edged sword. Like an atomic bomb he will destroy with one swing and create with the next. You see his power reflected in the greatest of utopian leaders as well as the most ruthless tyrants. He represents humanities best and worst.

Similar to Saturn, Pluto is retrograde every twelve months for at least five months. When in retrograde, Pluto inspires mankind to pause, take a step back, and review how we are making a difference at a communal level. Add to that the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius and we have a most precious time for conscious global enlightenment. “What are you doing”, Pluto asks, “to make a difference? How do you contribute to the fate of the world? Are your actions destroying, or creating?”

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